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  • Life Explored

    7 videos

    Life Explored is a seven session series featuring a combination of short films shot around the world.
    It’s an exposé of the little gods that promise us so much happiness, yet deliver so little. As it explores the Bible story (creation, fall, redemption, new creation), Life Explored shows how our ...

  • Behind the Sash

    11 videos

    Behind the Sash is a reality show with a difference. In each episode, travel to a unique location, shine a light on an issue of injustice and discover an extraordinary woman taking a stand. By the end of the series we will have hand picked 8 powerhouse women to run for Mrs Australia, but this pla...

  • Bringing Up Bates

    7 seasons

    This family based reality program follows Gil and Kelly Jo who are raising their 19 children with love, humour, and Christian values. No matter the situation, the family faces it together.

  • When Calls the Heart

    4 videos

    When Calls the Heart follows the adventures of a young teacher accustomed to her high-society life. She receives her first classroom assignment in Hope Valley, a small town in Western Canada. There, life is simple - but often fraught with challenges. Elizabeth must learn the ways of the rural wes...

  • God's Not Dead Trilogy

    3 videos

    A student who butts heads with a professor, a teacher trying to save her job and a pastor fighting for his church's very existence and the central characters in the God's Not Dead trilogy.