• Hope Centre with Wayne Alcorn

    1 video

    Wayne Alcorn is the Senior Pastor of Hope Centre International. His practical teaching will encourage and challenge you to grow in faith and relationship with God.

  • Enjoying Everyday Life

    35 videos

    With her no nonsense preaching Joyce Meyer shares practical teaching about living life as a Christian. In an encouraging and supportive way, hear real stories that will challenge you to be the best that you can be. Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. A New York Tim...

  • Hour of Power
    19 videos

    Hour of Power

    19 videos

    Since 1970 the Hour of Power has been reaching viewers from around the world. Originally founded by Dr Robert H Schuller, the program became the most-watched religious program in the world, reaching 17 million viewers. Now under the leadership of Bobby Schuller, Dr Schuller’s grandson. The congr...

  • Joel Osteen
    24 videos

    Joel Osteen

    24 videos

    Direct from Houston, Texas, USA; join Joel and Victoria Osteen and the team from Lakewood Church, for this program of powerful music and empowering preaching. Experience from the weekend church service of Lakewood Church, the largest and fastest growing church in America that is inspiring million...

  • The Blessed Life

    16 videos

    Gateway Church is a multicampus, nondenominational church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex led by Pastor Robert Morris. Since it began in 2000, the church has grown to more than 39,000 active members and six local campuses. Its vision is to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equippe...

  • New Creation Church

    24 videos

    Pastor Joseph Prince preaches dynamic messages centred on the pure gospel of the grace of God. His desire is to help believers understand grace and how greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved they are by their heavenly Father.

  • The Catholic Guy

    61 videos

    Bruce Downes is The Catholic Guy. Bruce and his team will move, inspire and challenge you to live your life to the absolute fullest. No matter your age, situation or background, be prepared to laugh, learn and listen to what God is trying to say to you. Bruce travels Australia speaking regularly ...

  • Brian Houston at Hillsong TV

    25 videos

    Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV is a half-hour Christian television program that features his teaching from the Hillsong Church services in Sydney, Australia. Pastor Brian's messages are empowering, passionate and practical for everyday life; his teaching will inspire you with the hope, joy, meaning ...

  • Elevation Experience

    12 videos

  • GGC Life TV
    3 videos

    GGC Life TV

    3 videos

    Glorious Gospel Church has been meeting the needs of the community since 1990. With a vision for a church that is REAL, RELATABLE, ENJOYABLE, LIFE-CHANGING & UPLIFTING, they are committed to providing church services that will enable you to experience church this way. Linked by mutual vision and ...

  • PowerPoint with Jack Graham

    13 videos

    PowerPoint Ministries started as a vision of Dr Jack Graham and his wife, Deb, 20 years ago.

    They believed that the power of God was evident in their growing church and that His Gospel message should be spread beyond the walls of that church to the world at large. They put their faith into act...

  • Answers with Bayless Conley

    24 videos

    Bayless Conley is a church leader and speaker, known for both his clear presentation of the Bible message and the way he applies it to everyday life.

    Bayless grew up in Southern California where, during his teenage years, he became involved in a lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse. After years o...

  • Jentezen Franklin

    17 videos

    New York Times bestselling author, Pastor Jentezen Franklin, brings practical meaning to spiritual truths found in God's Word. Kingdom Connection is the teaching ministry of Free Chapel, a multi-campus church with a global ministry.
    Hear inspiration for change, healing, peace and joy through his...

  • David Jeremiah
    30 videos

    David Jeremiah

    30 videos

    Join us for the weekly church service conducted by David Jeremiah from San Diego, California, USA. Dedicated to providing sound, in-depth teaching of the Word of God verse by verse. Through his personable and expository teaching, pastor Dr David Jeremiah challenges viewers to take hold of the tru...

  • New Horizons
    58 videos

    New Horizons

    58 videos

    New Horizons is a teaching series from Gymea Baptist Church, Sydney, presented by Rev Dr Marc Rader. Gymea Baptist is a contemporary evangelical church in Sydney’s South. Companion study guides for the series are available on line at: www.gymeabaptist.org.au/newhorizons

  • For the Life of the World

    5 videos

    A moment of honesty for Christians out there, have you ever wondered what your Salvation is actually FOR? Is it just to get to heaven? Is it so we can have a friend in Jesus? Is it even just about us? For the Life of the World, Letters to the Exiles is an invitation to explore the outrageous and ...

  • LIFETV with Paul de Jong

    15 videos

    We like to call it 'soul food'. LIFE TV uses creative illustration, real life stories and biblical teaching to encourage and help viewers discover a greater purpose to their lives.

  • In Touch
    29 videos

    In Touch

    29 videos

    The In Touch program reaches the world with the Gospel with messages that tackle such issues as parenting, finances, personal crises, emotions, and relationships. Dr. Stanley fervently believes the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God, a belief strongly reflected in his teaching. Dr Charles Stanl...

  • Quick Study
    4 videos

    Quick Study

    4 videos

    Quick Study is a daily 30 minute program designed to encourage viewers to read and understand the bible. The idea behind the show is to motivate as many people as possible to begin to read and discover the worlds best selling book, the Bible. When they begin to understand it they begin to form an...