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  • Raising Expectations

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    The Wayneys are an amazing family: good looking, MENSA smart, talented, athletic and popular to boot. Paige (Ringwald) and Wayne Wayney (Priestley) have worked hard at raising "multi-exceptional" offspring and are proud of their children: Adam, Conner, Bentley and Derek. Everyone in town envies ...

  • Ties That Bind

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    "Ties that Bind" revolves around Allison McLean (Kelli Williams), a tough and experienced police detective, mother and wife in suburban Seattle. When she and her police partner (Dion Johnstone) must arrest her brother (Luke Perry) for aggravated assault, her world drastically changes as he's con...

  • Explore Kids!

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    Explore some of ACCTV's great content for preschoolers, kids, tweens and teens with this sample bag of fun, laughter, jokes, songs, pranks, cooking, dancing, puppets, cartoons, and more.

  • The Find: India

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    [CC] A young couple and their two children embark on a worldwide search for compelling stories, risk-taking individuals, and life-changing projects. In Season One, The Hansows travel to India to spend time with The Murrays, an incredible family changing their community.

  • Be That
    4 seasons

    Be That

    4 seasons

    Ironically, in this era of Social Media, people are feeling more isolated and disconnected than ever. Groups like the team at ‘Be That’ are looking to change this, encouraging Australians to connect face to face and begin real conversations.
    ‘Be That’ has assembled a crew of Clinical Psychologist...

  • Bringing Up Bates Season 9 Trailer

    It’s a BIG BABY BONANZA on this season of Bringing Up Bates! After experiencing a heartbreaking miscarriage, Zach and Whitney are thrilled to be expecting their third child, a baby girl. Newly married couple, Josie and Kelton, welcome their first child and Erin and Chad are making room for Baby #...