Living and Launching

Living and Launching

Terrence and Emma Mullings are moving their family to Miami to plant a church. But all their plans go awry with the news that they’re pregnant with child number four. The Mullings family invites you to come along on the journey as they live out and launch into God’s plan.

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Living and Launching
  • Ep1 We're Pregnant!

    Meet the Mullings family. They were ready to move to Miami, but now they’re expecting their fourth baby. How will Terrence and Emma make it to the USA now?

  • Ep2 Facing the Fears, and the Family

    Terrence and Emma visit their parents for the last time, and there are some pretty big concerns about their safety.

  • Ep3 One More Mullings

    The baby is about to arrive. That means two under two on a twenty-five-hour flight. But are the Mullings family really ready to leave Australia?