GOOD is Coming

GOOD is Coming

For many years now, you’ve known that ACCTV is ‘the home of good TV’ and #welovegoodTV.
From June 2022, ACCTV will simply become: GOOD.
For millions looking for entertainment that makes them feel great, inspires them, and fills their home with content they can trust, GOOD is a compelling viewing option. GOOD will provide Australia with a unique choice in viewing that is uplifting and authentic. FEEL GOOD. WATCH GOOD.

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GOOD is Coming
  • GOOD is Coming Soon

    GOOD is coming.

    ACCTV, your home of good TV, is becoming GOOD. Along with a brand new look, GOOD will bring you even more GOOD content. With more of what you want to watch, a wide variety of programs, and a standard of viewing that is more than just good entertainment, it's content that is good ...

  • The Story of GOOD.

    GOOD is coming.

    Very soon, ACCTV, your Home of GOOD TV is becoming GOOD. Looking to the future, a brand new season is ahead – which includes a brand-new name. And that's GOOD!

    Great new content will be coming, bringing a great range of movies, series, lifestyle and documentaries to give great...

  • Learn More

    GOOD is coming.

    No doubt you’ve heard: ACCTV, your home of Good TV, is becoming GOOD.
    And while you’re going to see some great changes and new things, there are some important things that will stay the same.

    Feel GOOD, Watch GOOD anywhere, anytime.

  • What you'll need to do

    GOOD is coming

    Find out more about what you will and won't need to do once GOOD launches on the first of June 2022. Much of what you love about ACCTV will stay the same, but there is a new look and even more great movies, documentaries and series for you and the whole family to enjoy.

  • Your Support Helps

    GOOD is coming.

    Your investment today will help ACCTV to keep stepping forward, with GOOD. A platform that’s more than just a wide variety of programs, but a standard of viewing that brings peace of mind and more good into your life: content that will make you feel good.

    Feel GOOD, Watch GOO...

  • A Father's Legacy Coming Soon

    On the run and bleeding a young man ends up at a pond house where he meets an old man (Tobin Bell) and holds him hostage in his own home. As the days pass and the secrets about their past are revealed, they learn that they might not have been looking for each other...but they may have been brough...