Faith & Culture

  • Gods at War
    3 videos

    Gods at War

    3 videos

    In this new series, Kyle Idleman challenges us with the thought that perhaps all sin springs from the same source - IDOLATRY. While we may not see many "graven images" in our world today, Kyle argues that there are still countless gods passionately at war for the throne of our heart. If we put ...

  • Ancient Bible Destinations of Greece

    2 videos

    Ancient Bible Destinations of Greece takes a spiritual journey through the country, breathing life into the history of the early days of Christianity and offering relevant and powerful insights into the events told in the world's bestselling book - the Bible. Narrated by renowned UK actor David S...

  • Distant Shores
    4 videos

    Distant Shores

    4 videos

    Distant Shores is a sailing series about the cruising life, with lots of tips for sailors planning to sail away plus destination information to help you make your cruising plans.
    Distant Shores has been filming for nearly 15 years, and hosts Paul and Sheryl know the fun and challenges of the crui...

  • Following Jesus

    5 videos

    Disciples are protégés, learners or apprentices to Jesus who multiply disciples by following His methods, cultivating His movement, preparing people for His coming!

    Movements occur where disciples of Jesus mingle, sympathise, meet needs, invite and make disciples who multiply within their relati...

  • Following the Spirit

    5 videos

    Discover the origins of the early Christian Church as we explore the Holy Lands and see how the Holy Spirit started a world changing movement.

  • Going on Vocation

    1 video

    Let’s face it, work can be no vacation. Do you spend most of your time at a job that seems to have no purpose or meaning? Do you work just so you can pay the bills? Do you feel tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled in your work? Work is essential to life. Our work is the way we serve ot...

  • To The Ends
    10 videos

    To The Ends

    10 videos

    What was birthed as a dream in 2009 to bring surfboards and skateboards to children living in poverty around the world quickly grew into a vision far greater; the hope of impacting the world through action sports.

    Over the last 10 years, Ride Nature has led over 70 international trips, visited 2...

  • Towards Belief
    3 videos

    Towards Belief

    3 videos

    Towards Belief follows Australian pastor and host, Karl Faase as he travels to the UK, USA and Australia to interview more than thirty leading authors, speakers and apologists as they seek to defuse the top belief blockers to the Christian faith.

  • Restoring The Shack

    4 videos

    Join author Paul Young on an adventure into the world of the best-selling phenomenon, "The Shack.” This inside look at how Paul's own life journey shaped his writing explores questions about faith, grief, wonder and relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • For the Lost
    4 videos

    For the Lost

    4 videos

    For the Lost is a unique documentary series that follows one of a kind missionary band 'No Longer Music' on their tour through much of Europe and the Middle east.
    No Longer Music utilises music, art, and theatre to portray a modern day Jesus story to global youth culture located outside the churc...

  • Young Once
    4 videos

    Young Once

    4 videos

    Young Once is an eight-part drama reality series filmed on-location in California that follows the unconventional lives of students attending one of America's most conservative universities. Known for its strict moral code of no alcohol, no sex, and no dancing, Biola University is an offbeat coll...

  • Jeni: Seeking the Extraordinary

    4 seasons

    Jeni: Seeking the Extraordinary is a reality TV series that documents the journey of two young women as they visit different places of interest in the USA. Jeni places an emphasis on meeting and talking to women that have risen from ordinary circumstances to do some extraordinary things.

  • Three Chairs
    11 videos

    Three Chairs

    11 videos

    Three Chairs is a talk show with a difference that celebrates the art of good conversation. This exciting new production from NZ's Shine TV features a range of special guests. Our hosts grapple with topics including dating, phone addiction, parenting, and gender equality. Find out more about th...

  • Mums at the Table

    63 videos

  • Songs of Praise

    2 videos

    Join us for a musical celebration of life and faith as 'Songs of Praise' travels throughout the British Isles and the world presenting soul stirring hymns and touching stories of inspiration.

  • Dream: Live with Purpose, Learn to Dream

    5 videos

    Dream is a documentary series featuring the stories of diverse people from around the globe, who found purpose when they embraced their God-given dream. Subjects include Grammy Award-nominated artists, a former Sudanese child soldier, a disaster grief counselor, and a young Canadian boy partnerin...

  • The Man of Galilee

    6 videos

    Join Keith Garner as he asks questions about the life and impact of Jesus Christ in The Man of Galilee documentary series.
    The Sea of Galilee is shaped like a harp. It’s just 21 km long, 13 km at its widest and lies 200 m below sea level, with an average depth of just 25 m.
    In the first century, ...

  • H2O: A Journey of Faith

    4 videos

    Ten episodes, ten stories, one timeless quest - to quench the thirst that burns in every human spirit. Join H2O Guide Kyle Idleman for a cinematic journey through the human experience, and find out how the offer of Living Water has the power to change everything.

  • Holy Rollin'
    11 videos

    Holy Rollin'

    11 videos

    Nick and Yvette Wynne take on the gruelling journey of riding around Australia on their matching 1200 Ducati motorbikes.
    Get a feel for the rugged sunburnt countryside and the people of the outback as these two motorcycle missionaries traverse 20 000 km in 3 months over 12 episodes.

  • Living and Launching

    3 videos

    Terrence and Emma Mullings are moving their family to Miami to plant a church. But all their plans go awry with the news that they’re pregnant with child number four. The Mullings family invites you to come along on the journey as they live out and launch into God’s plan.

  • Don't Give Up
    5 videos

    Don't Give Up

    5 videos

    When you are hanging by a thread, losing faith and short on strength, what you need is real encouragement—a battle cry, a call to action, marching orders to push back the darkness. Stand up straight. Face your fears and enemies. And remember that you are not alone.

    In the Don’t Give Up Series, b...

  • A Very Tall Man
    29 videos

    A Very Tall Man

    29 videos

    Gary Hoogvliet, a very tall man, interviews interesting folk, not quite as tall as he, but nevertheless with fascinating and inspiring stories to tell.

  • Radical Makeovers

    15 videos

    Beauty that counts, from the inside out!
    Radical Makeovers captures Real Beauty through stories, photo shoots and makeovers. Produced and filmed by freelance artist Rebecca Friedlander, 30 young women from around the world share personal, courageous stories. Topics include overcoming eating di...

  • One On One
    12 videos

    One On One

    12 videos

    One on One with Kirk Cameron, features Kirk and his inspiring friends meeting one-on-one, pushing their limits with some California fun - rock climbing, go-cart racing, navigating escape rooms, and more. Afterwards, they hang out, for an uncensored talk about faith, family, and what matters most.