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  • Be That
    4 seasons

    Be That

    4 seasons

    Ironically, in this era of Social Media, people are feeling more isolated and disconnected than ever. Groups like the team at ‘Be That’ are looking to change this, encouraging Australians to connect face to face and begin real conversations.
    ‘Be That’ has assembled a crew of Clinical Psychologist...

  • 40 Stories

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    Australia is home to over 200 Indigenous tribes and language groups, many Indigenous Australian Christians have amazing life stories that show how their Christian faith has positively impacted their lives and helped them overcome significant obstacles and disadvantage.
    The 40 stories project was...

  • Bunyip Tree

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    Bunyip Tree is a series of stories about the animals from the Bunyip Tree town and their friendships and adventures.

  • Everytown Downunder

    8 videos

    Everytown Downunder is the mission trip of a lifetime!
    Travelling through the Aussie outback to coastal towns and Australia's biggest cities, Everytown Downunder has everything you'd expect from a trip around Australia - the outback, crocodiles, unique Aussie characters, Sydney Harbour and more...

  • Daily Light

    Available for over a year
    Three spiritual pilgrims, each in different stages of life, take us on a journey of what it means for them to be Christians in the modern world. Sharing wisdom from their past and hopes for their future, these colourful characters inspire an exploration of the extraordin...

  • Living a Better Story: with Terrence and Emma Mullings

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    Join dynamic duo Terrence and Emma Mullings as they discuss how to live the best life you can.

  • Live at Psalter Studios

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    Docu-music series featuring an array of Christian musicians including such artists as Josh Cunningham (The Waifs), Anna Weatherup (The Voice 2013) and Castles In Air, an Indie Rock band from California who toured in Australia in 2012.

  • The Catholic Guy

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    [CC] Bruce Downes is The Catholic Guy. Bruce and his team will move, inspire and challenge you to live your life to the absolute fullest. No matter your age, situation or background, be prepared to laugh, learn and listen to what God is trying to say to you. Bruce travels Australia speaking regul...

  • New Horizons

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    New Horizons is a teaching series from Gymea Baptist Church, Sydney, presented by Rev Dr Marc Rader. Gymea Baptist is a contemporary evangelical church in Sydney’s South. Companion study guides for the series are available on line at:

  • The Incredible Journey

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    [CC] The Incredible Journey is passionate about sharing the good news of Christ and preparing people for the soon coming of Jesus, offering Biblical answers to life’s questions.
    Pastor Gary Kent is an archaeologist who has excavated numerous sites throughout Israel and Jordan.
    As an internationa...

  • Brave to Go

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  • Brian Houston at Hillsong TV

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    [CC] Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV is a half-hour Christian television program that features his teaching from the Hillsong Church services in Sydney, Australia. Pastor Brian's messages are empowering, passionate and practical for everyday life; his teaching will inspire you with the hope, joy, mea...

  • What Do You See?

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    We all need light for living. In this series, Hillsong Pastor Robert Fergusson gives insight, wisdom and practical instruction on how to live a life that pleases God.

  • Mini Masterstroke with Neale Schofield

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    A mini documentary series investigating some of the most famous and interesting religious art in history. Each program explores the stories behind both the paintings and the artists.

  • Planetshakers TV

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    Planetshakers' mission is to 'empower a generation to win a generation'. This Christian youth movement began as an annual conference in Melbourne that saw thousands of people of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities from all over the globe gather together.
    The movement grew and grew in...

  • What's Cooking with Young & Free

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    Join Young & Free in the kitchen as they serve up a feast of music videos and a side of laughs.

  • Holy Rollin'

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    [CC] Nick and Yvette Wynne take on the gruelling journey of riding around Australia on their matching 1200 Ducati motorbikes.
    Get a feel for the rugged sunburnt countryside and the people of the outback as these two motorcycle missionaries traverse 20 000 km in 3 months over 12 episodes.

  • Behind the Sash

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    Behind the Sash is a reality show with a difference. In each episode, travel to a unique location, shine a light on an issue of injustice and discover an extraordinary woman taking a stand. By the end of the series we will have hand picked 8 powerhouse women to run for Mrs Australia, but this pl...

  • A Moment to Think with Dr Robi

    5 videos

    Clinical Psychologist and trauma specialist Dr Robi Sonderegger presents a few moments of clarity and thoughtfulness in these stressful and trying times.

  • Jesus the Game Changer S1

    0 videos

    A 10 part documentary series on how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters. Karl Faase travels to the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and India interviewing over 30 authors, speakers and modern day game changers. Guests include, Eric Metaxas, Christine Caine, John Ortb...

  • Hope Centre with Wayne Alcorn

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    Wayne Alcorn is the Senior Pastor of Hope Centre International. His practical teaching will encourage and challenge you to grow in faith and relationship with God.

  • Rhythm and Blues

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    A four-part series on mental and emotional health with world renown Clinical Psychologist, Dr Robi Sonderegger. Rhythm and Blues explores innovative ways to overcome personal challenges, prevent burnout, achieve peak performance and enhance overall emotional wellbeing.

  • Towards Belief

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    Towards Belief follows Australian pastor and host, Karl Faase as he travels to the UK, USA and Australia to interview more than thirty leading authors, speakers and apologists as they seek to defuse the top belief blockers to the Christian faith.

  • My Story, His Glory

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    My Story His Glory is a music project that’s helping a faith community in Queensland share their journeys. Featured are original worship songs along with rich personal stories and reflections.